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The Team Approach To Safety Primer

We all have responsibilities – as family members, friends, citizens and workers. It’s part of life. Responsibilities are important in the workplace, particularly when related to health and safety. Responsibilities are a leading issue in occupational health and safety legislation. The Workers Compensation Act and The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation lists the duties of the key workplace parties.

We shouldn’t be meeting responsibilities for safety just because the law says so. We should meet them because it’s the right thing to do, to protect ourselves and others, and to support safety in the production.

An effective production is built on the work of a range of crafts and areas of expertise. It relies on factors such as teamwork, respect among the cast and crew, and creativity. These same factors are keys to health and safety.

The Actsafe publication, The Team Approach to Safety outlines workplace responsibilities for health and safety in the motion picture sector. It addresses employers, supervisors, workers, suppliers, owners, and others such as joint safety committees.

The Team Approach not only guides you through what the responsibilities are for each level of production, but lays out specifically where many positions within the industry fall under the umbrella of Worker, Supervisor and/or Employer.

This primer is also a printed resource. To request your copy please email us here.

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